hello :)
i'm kaila (ky-la).

thank you SO much for stopping by my blog, it makes me ecstatic that such lovely, creative and inspiring people are enjoying my pictures and (hopefully) enjoying what i write!

i am a college student in the US,
currently studying fashion to get my seamstress certification! i absolutely love it and am so glad God has placed this passion on my heart, i truly enjoy every moment of it :)

kai-leidoscope is basically a scrapbook of the inside of my head.
i love fashion, it fills my head constantly.  
i very much enjoy photography and taking pictures, it's a passion of mine.  all the photos on here were taken by me unless stated otherwise!
i also love music, if i'm not listening to music or singing, then there is most likely a tune going through my head.
and i love arts and crafts very much. it brings me so much joy to turn those random little nic-nacs and things that lie around unnoticed into something beautiful.  i like to think of my stuff more as recycled art.  i hope to someday open my own little boutique of some sort with all my little things i have made, and have yet to make!

if you need anything, have any suggestions, or just want to say hello my email is kailamo@yahoo.com!
thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting my blog, it makes me so happy :)