birthdays+YUM: jps birthday!

sorry I haven't posted in a few days, i had a super busy weekend, it  was JP's 20th birthday, so i was hanging out with him all weekend long! does anyone like LOST? or anybody used to watch it? i know we're a little late to hop on the LOST wagon but we are obsessed.  we just started watching about 2 weeks ago and we're already on season 2! on JP'S birthday SATURDAY, we literally sat on the couch all day and watched LOST the entire time haha it was so much fun! the only time our eyes weren't glued to the tv was when we went to 5 guys for dinner YUM, if you have a 5 guys close by you need to go, they have thee BEST burgers and fries its delicious! 
anyways, on saturday i woke up early and went to JP's house before he woke up and made him a birthday breakfast, nutella french toast! if you like nutella, then you are going to love this, it was absolutely delicious, everyone was raving over them! it's a MUST on the breakfast cooking list, and they are so easy to make! unfortunately i didn't take pictures during the creating process, sorry! but heres what the final looks like! :)
(found on pinterest from heather's dish blog!)
i doubled heather's recipe.  she said what she made, made 2 pieces, but when i doubled it i was about to make 7 pieces! 
Makes 7 pieces, serves 4-6 (you may think you could eat 2 or 3 of these but i could hardly finish one! they are so rich and filling and delicious!)
-1 loaf of bread, approx. 14 slices.  
-1/2 cup of creamer
-1/4 cup powdered sugar
-4 eggs
-lots of nutella, depending on the eater :)
***i made it some what my own creation by adding peanut butter as well! i know JP loves PB, and how could you go wrong with nutella and PB together??
so here's what you do!
1. Preheat skillet to medium heat.
2. Mix the creamer, eggs and powered sugar in a bowl.
3. Take two slices of bread and spread nutella on one side of each, like a sandwich.  If you want PB, spread PB on one side and nutella on the other.  Sandwich them together.
4. Dip both sides into the mixture and place on skillet. (Be sure to spray the skillet ahead of time!)  Leave on for 3-4 minutes, depending on how crisp you want them to be.
**serve with fresh strawberries, or any fruit desired, maple syrup and a glass of milk.   
enjoy :)


  1. Yum! Nutella = the best! :) Cute pics!

  2. Oh God! Those toasts look so delish! Yum! I'm gonna try this, maybe tomorrow morning. Hehe. Nice pic with JP! You're a lovely couple! :)

    1. aw thank you you're so sweet! and YES you must try them, i hope they are just as delicious for you as they were for us!! :)

  3. Wow these looks seriously amazing, I’m drooling all over the screen here, I have to tray this receipt ASAP, I bet it taste as good at it looks, it doesn’t seem so complicated to prepare, I will give it a tray! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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