fashion rage: little clock necklace.

        I got this amazing necklace at Nordstrom Rack for $10, you may recognize it from my daily garb in yesterdays post.  I love it, it adds a classy, vintage look to every outfit.  And yes it does work, but sadly I'm pretty terrible at reading these kind of clocks so I never really use it..it's quicker to look at my phone hahaa..but i think this necklace is really       awesome and unique.

Here's some other gorgeous clock necklaces I found!
True Birds Bike Clock Pendant Necklace
Check out this bicycle one from Nordstrom, $58.  I love it, it's so clever!
Here's an adorable one from Yes Style, $25, although it doesn't work it's just a charm.  But I love how part of the chain is made out of Daisy lace, how adorable.  I'd love to try something like this!

This one from Max and Chloe, $19, is beautiful and classic.  Love the roman numeral numbering!

I adore this one from Yes Style, $25.  This one isn't an actually clock of course, but its so lovely! I just love how part of the chain is made out of this beautiful daisy patterned lace, I'd love to make a necklace like this!
Double Time Necklace

           Double Time NecklaceDouble Time Necklace
      I love everything about this one from Modcloth, $25.  It opens up, and even the back has beautiful detailing on it! This one definitely looks vintage! 

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    1. I love all of them but I know what you mean I actually look the time up on my necklace either :D


    thanks for your thoughts, i love hearing from all of you! i honestly get excited to read each and every comment, so really, thank you :)