the daily garb: aide pour la planete.

help the planet
thats what my shirt says. in french.
i wish i could say that i help the planet by riding my back around instead of driving, but that would be a fib...i do have an awesome royal blue beach cruiser that was given to me by a family friend, but its not exactly in riding condition. i would love to put a little basket on it and pedal through the streets like dorothy. but i don't live in kansas, i live in fl. so its quite too hot to be doing that sadly. maybe some day when i live in a cool, breezy place, where the winds blow frequently, and the humidity is nonexistent, this little dream of mine will come true. :)
until then, i help the planet in other ways...such as:
1. refrain from using plastic water bottles. instead i fill up my lovely tervis tumbler every day! it holds i'm guessing around 16 oz, and keeps my drink nice and chilled, unlike a plastic water bottle. if you don't have one, you should definitely look into it, mine was about $20, but so worth it! to check them out click here!
2. wrapping paper is lame. i also like to wrap gifts with brown paper, like paper bag kind of paper, it looks really cute and environmental savy haha.  and there are a plethora of ways to dress it up after that! i like to use twine or hemp, and put flowers or lace to decorate! 
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or i've used newspaper to wrap which looks awesome! or old maps! i actually like using newspaper, maps or brown paper better than wrapping paper these days!
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3. journal in an old book! i love old, vintage hardback books. i guess you could say i kind of collect them, although i've never though about it that way before, but when looking at the amount i have...you could definitely call that a collection. any who, i love to journal in them, there are so many things you can do! you can draw and paint in it, or cut out pictures or words from magazines, which i love to do. you can even put old flowers in it and cover it with mod podge so it stays in, and looks really neat! there are so many things you can do in an old book!
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3. and of course i go thrifting, and buy all kinds of fun things from resale and vintage stores all the time. i love thrifted items, they always have character and a story to them :)

all the above pictures are from pinterest! you can visit mine here if you please! well except the one of me, i took that one!
how do you like to help the planet?


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  4. I love your ideas of wrapping in brown paper, and then adding your own touch. So pretty!
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    1. thank you, you should try it out, it really is adorable!!

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