thankfuls: frosting.

today allie, mama jay and i decorated cookies for a party mama jakes was going to tonight for her preschool class! we made cookies with little kids on them and they turned out adorable!  so today i am thankful for frosting! its so colorful and delicious and brightened up those plain old cookies :)
heres how some of them turned out!
so my third day on doing "thankfuls" and im already slacking hahaa...i didn't do one yesterday, but i am going to try SO hard to do one every day, i just had a busy day yesterday because allie and i went SHOPPING :) and i got some wonderful items that i will be sharing shortly! 


  1. these look so yummy and creative. thanks for your sweet comment, i'm following you now too. keep in touch!


  2. They are so cute! Great job!

  3. This is such a cute & fun post - loving the thankful theme! And these cookies look fantastic, yum, great job on the icing too. xo veronika


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