the gallery of new.

allie and  went on a short shopping trip this weekend, we went to nordstrom rack, and urban outfitters, two of my favorite places! since it was presidents day they had some great sales! :)
heres what i got from nordstrom rack!
this adorable free people dress for only $14. its the perfect spring/summer dress, i can't wait to wear it! not sure if you can tell but its slightly longer in the back for a unique style.
this lovely sweater by kensie for $10. i love the very neutral colors in it, i think it will go with a lot!
this top is made by h.i.p. it was $7. i love the round brass buttons on it, and the sheer fabric!

 i've been wanting a blazer for a while, and when i found this one i was so excited! it was only $8 which of course is incredible for a blazer.  its a navy blue color, and i love the cinched sleeves! its made by frenchi.
  this really neat sweater was $10 made by carson. i think it would look great over a dress or skirt for some fun layers, or over a bathing suit in the summer!
and heres the stuff i got from UO.  they had an additional 30% sale for presidents day, so i got some pretty good deals! 
i got this lovely floral sweatshirt for only $7!! i love it so much, the pattern is perfect.
alright these pants. i am so excited for these. they are very 40's looking to me. they're super high waisted and just reach the bottom of my ankles. they were $15.  i think they are the perfect black pants and cannot wait to style them! and they are lace so of course that makes them that much more adorable.
velvet black and metallic gold. what a great combo. i adore this little headband, and the best part is it was only $3.50!
zipper necklace! whoever thought of this is brilliant, its such a cool necklace and the zipper actually moves! and it was $7.
these are slate colored tights! i bought them because i liked the color, and you can never have too many tights! and then when i got home i opened them up and realized that had this awesome zigzag pattern on the side! nice touch. and only $3.50!
and lastly this awesome letter K! i actually got this when i was in charleston a few weekends ago, but its from UO as well. it was only $2!


  1. such great finds! I ADORE that blazer and that free people dress! everything is so cute!

  2. Ugggg I'm sooo jealous of that grey knitted sweater! your Blog is super cool and I'm following you now! Stop by my Blog sometime lovely! :)
    Elizabeth E~


    1. aw thank you, you are so sweet! i will!!

  3. aww! the zipper necklace and the sweatshirt are awesome!

  4. Wow what an awesome haul! I love the lace pants, blazer and knit sweater.

  5. I actually had a zipper necklace just like that when I was a kid! I wish I knew where it was...


    1. aw really that stinks you don't know where it is!! they are so neat!


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