thankfuls: my keytar.

meet Melody, my keytar! i got her a little over a year ago. she's vintage, and quite old, although i'm not exactly sure how old, i bought her used.  but i'm assuming she was born in the 80's, because that's when keytars were pretty big.  if you don't know what a keytar is, it's basically a keyboard that you hold similar to a guitar, and it is a synthesizer, so it can make all different kinds of noises for different instruments and such. she's pretty awesome i love her! maybe one day when i get the guts i'll do a cover of me playing and singing...we'll see :)


  1. Amazing! That would look really awesome with a side pony-tail and a jump-suit!


thanks for your thoughts, i love hearing from all of you! i honestly get excited to read each and every comment, so really, thank you :)