awards: sunshineee award.

a few days ago, i was awarded the sunshine award from lisa from the lovely memoir! if you havent already, you should definitely check out her blog, it is wonderful! she has beautiful pictures, and a lovely style, so go check her out!!
for the award, i need to do the following:
*post 7-10 things about myself
*choose and tag 7 people
*go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them
*have fun 

so my nominations areeee...

melanie from aetherlily.

amy from wolf and wood.

danielle from visionary dreams.

allison from pins and roses.

demi from scream.

kinsey from sincerely kinsey.

maria from city laundry.

all these girls are so unique and have wonderful blogs, check them out!! :)

7 things about me..
1. green tea is my favorite, i drink it every morning.
2. right now i'm listening to some nights by FUN. you should probably listen to it right now...they are so good. i love music, it's a zee besttt.
3. pretzels and cheese its are my favorite snack.
4. i prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. i know, crazy..
5. i'm watching way too many tv shows right now..like, my list exceeds 10.  it's kind of a bad obsession.
6. my favorite article of jewelry would have to be rings. and necklaces. and bracelets. and earrings. oh wait...ya i can't choose i love em all.
7. i love turquoise so much, i put a streak of it in my hair last summer. i've now upgraded to 3 streaks and i loveees (in a singing voice) it.
8. I LOVE BRAIDING HAIR. and i'm pretty decent at it..
9. i have too much stuff. i may or may not have an addiction to shopping... unfortunately. kinda.
10. i heart chick-fil-a. although i'm on a bit of a chick-fil-a strike right now...i'm trying to eat healthier. we'll see how long that lasts..hopefully forever..haa


thanks for your thoughts, i love hearing from all of you! i honestly get excited to read each and every comment, so really, thank you :)