picturemania: the perfect bridal shower.

JP's sister jessie is getting married in just a few weeks, so on tuesday her friend and mother hosted the cutest bridal shower i have ever been to.  well i've hardly been to any, but if you were to imagine the perfect bridal shower, this would be it! seriously, you are going to want to have a sunday brunch with tea and crumpets after gazing upon this sea of pastels, roses, and tasty delights. just a warning, there are a lot of pictures, everything was just so beautiful i had to share them all!! :)
 this is the beautiful bride to be and i!
and me and allie. and okay, she's super tall and i'm super short i realize we look both look abnormal but thats okay hahaa :)


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I love all the bridal settings and decorations. So creative and whimsical, very frankie and martha steward. I just like your facebook page so I can get updates faster. I also have a fb page if you want to stay in touch. Have a great weekend koko


  2. Just good pictures and beautiful things :) Loved the last pic with your tall friende :D:D Thank you for visit RussianDolls :)

  3. Beautiful things! :D
    I'm following! :D



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  5. These pictures are absolutely amazing! I love your blog!
    would you like to follow each other? :)


  6. such a lovely inspiring photos! everything is so pink and girly!

  7. aaah after seeing these photos i seriously wanna get married soon haha. just kiddin u know but they're great, these cakes look fantastic :-) x


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