the daily garb: le jewels.

i was having some serious problems trying to think of what the title of this post should be called, and all that kept popping into my head was le jewels...i don't even know what that means hahaa. i literally sat in front of my computer for 2 hours trying to think of something to title it and thats all that came in...although i was a little distracted watching tv. did you know theres a new show on TLC called craft wars?? it's pretty cool you should check it out, i really enjoyed it!

any who back to the daily garb. h&m is slowly but surely devouring my closet. i have to  drop by every couple weeks to scope out the place, and i always find at least one or two must haves (unfortunately). last time i stopped by, i spotted these amazing shorts while walking back to the fitting room.  they were the only ones there, and happened to fit me perfectly, so i decided they were clearly destined to come home with me. i have to admit, they were a little more than i would normally spend on a pair of shorts but come on, look at them. are they not the greatest color? i think so at least.  
i also got a pair of wonderful high waisted black shorts on that same trip which  i lovee! i just bought them last week and i've worn them 3 times! you'd think one of those three i would've taken a picture of my outfit but for some reason i did not..but i will soon so i can share them, they are perfection.
oh and my top is from h&m as well, i got it a while ago though.
annnd yes, the bun on my head. not sure why i thought i could pull that off but i'm thinkin it's not the greatest look haa..i look far too much like mulan. 
i ordered this awesome gold cross ring from shop lately. have you heard of it? they have a ton of awesome jewelry, and most of it is pretty cheap. i think it's really cool, but everyone tells me it looks like brass knuckles hahaa so it's my brass nuckle cross ring! {if you decide you want to order something from shoplately, let me know and i'll send you an email so i can send you my referral link (bascially means if you click the link i send you, it gives me credit for referring you!) it would be oh so kind!}
 i made the scrabble K ring myself, and the pinky rings are from nordstrom rack.
and of course i gotta show some love to my beloved TOMS! i got them for my birthday a couple years ago..i've been looking at the site and i'm thinkin i need to get another pair, i've seen some really cute ones lately...maybe i'll get some for my birthday coming up in august woohhoo! here's some of my favorites..

ash maudie cordones. i like this style in burlap too..
okay, well bye :)


  1. I think you title it very well. Love your TOMS shoe!


  2. I love that your standing on the tree trunk! Such a cool place to take photos. Your shoes are pretty awesome!

  3. Love the photos! Cute and comfortable shoes :)



  4. i am loving the whole outfit! it's really cute and fresh.
    i was looking at toms the other day at Nordstrom and the natural burlap classics caught my eyes. it's perfect for the summer and it will match absolutely anything!

    10% off discount code to Vantage Point Vintage


    1. ahhh yes i actually really want those, if i get another pair i am going to get those!!

  5. Really nice and cool outfit! :) And I agree the shorts are in a really pretty color!



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