oh i love DIY+friendsss: lace shorts&CLAIRE :)

SHORTS. i made some new shorts! i'm just now realizing i should've taken a picture from the front, but i'm sure you will be seeing a lot of these because i loveee them! the front has four buttons and they are kind of highwaisted so i love zem! they were jeans from american eagle, i ordered them online for $12 with the intention of cutting them because i've been wanting some shorts with lots of buttons! i really like how they turned out! and then i sowed the lace on the back pockets, i found this lace at joann's and fell in love with it so i bought a yard and i'm so glad i did, it's really cool!
top: gap
bag: old navy

and my frand clairedycat took these pics for me, i wasn't exactly sure how to get a good picture of my shorts without getting an awkward picture of my butt only hahaa, she did quite a wonderful job! 
and here she is, she had this super cute outfit on today, well she has really cute outfits on everyday, so i finally got a picture of her and get to introduce her today! you'll probably be seeing a lot of her this summer, she goes to school fahfah away so i never get to see her during the year but now she's here :) and so i'm sure i'll be sharing some outfit posts of her in the near future! 
denim jacket and shorts: j. crew
top: loft
necklace: nordstrom rack


  1. You and your friend have some cute summer outfits! Your shorts are so adorable! :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  2. I love those shorts! They look amazing!

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  3. aaahh! those shorts are SO cute. $12 shorts from ae? that's some mighty fine shopping.

  4. so love what you did with the shorts. the lace detail is lovely. :)

  5. i love both your outfits!!! your shorts is definitely too cute. don't you just love doing DIYs. they're so much fun.

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  6. Both those shorts are super fun! Especially those red ones.

  7. What a nice shorts, amazing pict and you look so sweet and fun :)
    Im following you now, mind to follow back? kisses <3


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