the daily garb: day dressin'

wuddup. not the most exciting outfit post, i felt so bare without all my bracelets and rings! and i definitely would've worn a necklace with this outfit as well, but i was in a hurry getting dressed this morning and forgot to grab my BLING**
 hah so this is what i came up with. remember a few posts ago when i said to always check the section of clothes to large for ya? well seriously do it because i found this gem in the larges and fell in love with the pattern. so obviously i had to try it on, knew i could belt it and bought it for 12 bucks at pacsun! you can literally belt anything and it will look good..well just about anything, so try it out yo, i wouldn't have a third of the things in my closet if belting was nonexistent! :)
alana took these shots for me today, i didn't have time to get out my tripod and remote but really wanted to share this treasure of a dress so i had her take some quick pictures for me! i have a problem with being serious when there is someone behind the camera other than my invisible self with a remote, so i was being a goof and resulted in the picture below :) i think it's fun to post some sillyness every once in a while!
and i'm so bummed, i meant to take a shot of the back of this dress, it's really cool it criss crosses a couple times and in case you haven't noticed, i hardly ever wear my hair up because it's like...to heavy or something, it hurts haha lamee but i only wore it up because i like the back of this dress and now you can't even see it...ha my bad.
well i hope everyone spent a wonderful day with their daddys on this special day! good news, i was able to get my pictures from the wedding recovered, so i'll be sharing my favorites later this week so be sure to check back, it was seriously the most beautiful and perfect wedding ever! 


  1. Cuuuute dress!
    And, I want to post outfits, but need my husband to do the pics... Buuuuttt wuth him behind the camera, I can't quit laughing, resulting in weird photos. Hoping to just be able to do them myself haha

    1. hahahaa too funny, well you totally should!

  2. Love the print of your dress.


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