the daily garb: holeyheely.

so here's a question for you to ponder..how do you spell the word above that looks funny (holey)...? i was going to write holy, but then it seems like holy as in sacred..i would not like to refer to these lovely heels as sacred. although this holy can also mean divine..and they are quite divine if i do say so myself (of course in an earthy sense). so maybe i should have titled this holyheel and left it up for the viewer to decide..that my heels are just divine or that they have literal holes in them..hmm..well anyways here's my daily garb :)
sorry they are kinda fuzzy. well the first one was blurry anyways because mr canon did not want to focus, and then when i added my pics through picasa, it made them blurry. this has been happening lately, it never used to, and i don't know why...anybody know?
holy heels: target
skirt: uran outfitters
top: tjmax (after looking at the pictures from this look, i realized that the collar is completely lopsided..one side is a LOT bigger than the other..haha talk about annoying)


  1. hello dear,just found your blog and its really cool
    followed you on GFc
    hope you follow back

  2. beautiful dress and beautiful pics :)

  3. You are always the cutest ever. I love all of these pictures, and didn't even notice a blur. The heels are definitely divine.

    1. ahh thanks so much you're so sweet! :)

  4. You look amazing! Love the whole outfit!


  5. You look so cute! Looove your shoes! :)



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