the daily grab: it's cold!

Florida finally decided to give into fall and bring us some cold weather this week! Well..really Sandy (the hurricane if you didn't know) forced it upon FL to let the cold, windy weather in, but I am so glad. I love the cold. I keep telling myself that at least, but I think what it is, is that I really just love the attire worn.. hahaa. I love layering. I love tights and scarves and warm hats to keep my ears warm. I loveeee boots and socks. And I like my winter coat.  Oh and I love drinking hot chocolate with little marshmallows . and creamy tomato soap to cool me down after my body becomes an icicle. Oh how I love fall :)
Anyways, because of this wonderful (I think) weather, I got to bring out my Winter style today. In this look, I paired a sweater from H&M over a thrifted dress and belted it. I then added maroon tights (although they look kind of orange in this pictures), socks and some black ankle boots :)


  1. So cute! I'm happy you get to enjoy some cooler weather!

  2. your hair is so cool! love these pictures :) especially the last one! x

  3. Hey girl! Sorry for replaying after a week...had so many things to do :/
    Glad that finally cold weather came to you too :) Your dress is so nice, lovely blog!

  4. LOVE your skirt! and those shoes are adorable as well :)

    James 4:8


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