the daily garb: hopeless wanderer.

In my opinion, Mumford and Sons is incognitoly (is that a word?) a christian band..even if you were to simply read the titles of some of their songs, it sounds like it. Whether they are referring to Him or not, I am a hopeless wanderer without Jesus. He is my shepard and without Him, I am a lost sheep, wandering about the world without a loving and holy father to lead the way.  Listen to the song Hopeless Wanderer at the bottom of this post, they are so amazing! And really listen to the lyrics..let me know what ya think :)
please excuse my poor, neglected nails :)
Shorts, tights, boots, rock ring: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Limited
Top: American Eagle
Necklaces: Forever21
Cross Ring: Shoplately


  1. Mumford & Sons got really big, really quick here in the UK. I can't say I'm a huge fan, but I will happily listen to them on the radio. I am however a fan of your tights!

  2. I love Mumford! I'm new to them tho.. thanks for your visit! you have a love;y blog, following :)

  3. Great outfit and I love your necklace.
    I love to listen Mumford&Sons. There is something amazing in their music, right?


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