the daily garb+friendsss: alliecat.

heyyy so ive added a new category to my blog, and that is "treats and sweets with alliecat".  before i put up the first treat, i wanted to introduce allie!  she is one of my best friends, and is also JP (my boyfriend) younger sister, and i just love her shes great.  shes WONDERFUL at baking and cooking, and we like to make yummy things together, although this usually consists of her making it and me taking pictures and eating it all afterwards hahaa sooo i hope you enjoy!  we took a few fun pictures yesterday so here they are!
i got this adorable lace dress from Ross for only $10! i love it love it, it's a little big, but, tip of the day, you can ALWAYS add a belt to something looser fitted and nobody will be able to tell its not your size ;) 
allies precious sweater is from nordstrom rack and she got her dress from gap a couple weeks ago, i think its so cute on her, and she got it for like..less than $15! gap is having a great sale right now, i actually got a couple things there today, ill show you guys some of the items ive added to my wardrobe in a post later this week!


  1. your dress is fabulous, you both look amazing, so chic :)

    violetheart xxoo

  2. I love both of your outfits! You two are beautiful! <3


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