the daily garb: ballerina dress!

I wore this dress today for new years, i absolutely love it, i feel like a ballerina!  I actually borrowed it from a friend, and i want to steal it from her haha..it's from american eagle, i just might have to go and get one for myself, it's a wonderful dress!


  1. Holy your dress is incredible!!!!!! I WANT!!!!

  2. That dress is really amazing. I may just go peak into a American Eagle store today and see if they still have it.

  3. @Fleur De Moi
    @fleur de moi
    yess you should its the best dress ever! let me know if you get it, id love to see how you style it! i like seeing other peoples style :)

  4. @Bekah
    aw thank you!! hahaa i know i want it too i wish it was minee!


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