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happy friday everyone! :)
I wanted to share with you guys some of the new additions I've recently added to my already gigantic wardrobe.  Really, I should put down the wallet and stop buying clothes, but I just can't resist a good deal..so this is what I got..
I really like the whole idea of tying a baggy shirt to make it more fitted and give it a little something unique.  I got this cranberry colored tie top from Old Navy.  I love it because it is extra long for the intention of tying it!  And the buttons and pleats on top just add a little something to it!  And the best part is that I got this top for less than $7.  Just to let you know, if you're as much of a bargain shopper as myself, Old Navy is having a great deal right now that if you spend $20, you get a coupon for $10 off $20 to spend at a later date!  Good deal.  I know it doesn't look too short, but it kind of is, so I plan it wearing it with something a little higher waisted.  I have some great high waisted black leather shorts from Urban Outfitters that would look great with this top and maybe some tights and boots!
or maybe something like this...
I made this set on Polyvore.  Check out some of my other sets if you wish :)
Okay so this fabulous little number is from Nordstrom Rack for a mere 10 dollers! Ridiculous right? I loveeee this crochet vest so much, I can't wait to style.  I'm thinking I'll pair this with a slightly fitted black dress I have from Urban Outfitters, with some black tights and I can wear either black boots, or I have some camel colored lace up boots..and of course some socks slightly showing above the boots!

 This cute lace top is also from Nordstrom Rack as   well for $10.  I think it's so unique and different.  Its slightly cropped shorter, and I lover that there's a different lace fabric on the bottom! I'm think this would look cute over a dress..
This is the last piece I got from Nordstrom Rack, and again it was $10.  I love that store. I think this top is really cool, with the little tassels on the bottom, it's the same brand as the crochet vest..I think this would look cute over a fitted dress too, or just with some jeans and lace up boots.

You may remember this dress from an earlier post, and as I promised, here is a better picture of it.  If you don't remember, or didn't read the previous post with this, I got it at the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet.  It's Free People, which is my all time favorite brand, and it was only $35, which is incredible from the original price of $138.  :)

Lastly, I got this awesome black, extra long cardigan from Urban Outfitters for $10.  WHen I went, they were having a New Years sale, and all the sale items were an additional half off!  I think I'll wear this a lot! With a dress maybe, or jeans and a cute top!

What do you think? Any suggestions on how to style my new things? I'd love input from you guys for some new ideas of what to wear with my new clothes :)


  1. love your style that you sharing here in your blog! continue this great job!!!:)

  2. I love the pieces! So cute and colorful! And they seem like they're quite versatile. This reminds me that I need to head over to the outlets sometime soon! x

    1. aw thanks! and yeah outlets are the BESTT

  3. Great purchases!! :)

    XO J


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