fashion rage: socks are not only to keep your toes warm...

socks are truly a great addition to the wardrobe..have you noticed lately that socks are becoming more of an accessory rather than just to keep your toes warm and your shoes fresh? they really do add a little something to an outfit.
this picture is from free people, i love the combination of the colors, and i know im talking about socks but these shoes are wondferfuuuuul! $28
Free People also paired a pair of simple ivory socks with some  heels, cute right? $14
The Urban Outfitters crew styled some over the knee socks with some lace up wedges. $14.  this look is similar to what i wore in the post, alliecat. 
even this look from Madewell pairs some slightly rolled skinnies and adorable ankle booties, with some striped socks, just barley peeping through, adding some color and pattern. $12
socks can spunk up a simple outfit, with a little extra pop of color and/or pattern.
to find some cute socks at a more affordable price, you can find many simple socks for super cheap at Target, ive gotten a lot of socks there.  Also, H&M has reallllly cute socks, you can buy a pack of 5 for just $9.95, and they are all different patterns and colors!


  1. Those ivory socks with the FABULOUS pair of black heels is gorgeous!


  2. Love this post! Is it weird to love socks?? =P
    Hahaha neway thanks for checking out my blog and leaving me that super nice message!!


    1. hahaa no that is not weird at all i love socks too, i probably have like a hundred pairs! hahaa
      and of course no problem, thanks for checking mine out as well! :)


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