picturemania: the civil wars acoustic performance!

here are the photos i promised from the acoustic performance by the civil wars! they are absolutely incredible live, they were amazing! they sang 3 songs since is was more of a signing rather than a show, because they had the actual concert last night, but i was so wonderful!
the decor in this place is awesome, it's very retro-vintage looking.  theres a lot of wall art and cool looking things, like this awesome vintage juke box!
 and they hung these funny little umbrellas from the ceiling to spice it up a bit haha
 they are right back to the right in the picture above, kinda blurry.
they were so amazing! wish i could've gone to the actual concert but the tickets were all sold out :/
and here is the video i promised!! sorry it gets a little shakey, my arms got tired! and im not sure why the quality is kinda bad...its so blurry, its a lot clearer on my camera..not sure what happened when it uploaded to youtube haa..

happy weekend! :)


  1. Hehe it looked like you had a lot of fun! :D I wish stuff like that happened in my town!


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