inspire me: jirka's art!

alright so i just discovered this incredible artist, you guys are going to love this! his name is Jirka (he's from Finland), and he creates his interpretations of disney characters in "real life".  these pictures are insanely beautiful, so i hope you enjoy!!
Pocahontas is my all time favorite disney character, so she is number one.
i think this interpretation is amazing, it's so perfect!
Rapunzel from tangled. 
Snow White!  Snow White was never my favorite movie, but i think this interpretation of her is just lovely, absolutely gorgeous!
Jane from Tarzan.
there are more on his blog, these were just some of my favorites!
i hope you enjoyed these as much as i did, i think he is so incredibly talented!!
please support him and got to his site!
have a happy tuesday! :)


  1. these are just incredible! I agree with you that Snow White is flawless x

  2. I found Jirka a few months ago and his artwork is amazing! I adore these Disney princess pieces. They're so cool/beautiful.

    Haha, I loved all your comments on my blog! They made me smile. :) Following you back!

    Maria Elyse

    1. aw yay i'm glad, and thank you sooo much!

  3. coolness! I'm a disney movie freak... is there a little mermaid?
    great drawings, thanks for sharing

    1. me too i love disney :):) haha and yes there is!! if you go to his page, you will see her!

  4. thank you for your sweet comment! i ran across these somewhere too & i think they're so whimsical and fun. :)


thanks for your thoughts, i love hearing from all of you! i honestly get excited to read each and every comment, so really, thank you :)