inspire me: nature in my hair..

so i've been seeing a  lot of these gorgeous flowery headbands lately, and its inspiring me to want to make one! sadly this is not a DIY post..but i have spring break next week {woohoo} so hopefully i'll be able to make one!! :) but anyways, i got an email from asos and they have a boatload of these gorgeous flower headbands! 
Image 1 of ASOS Fake Hair Head Band With Daisy PlaitImage 1 of ASOS Carnation Flower HeadbandImage 1 of ASOS Orchid Flower HeadbandImage 1 of Lipsy Floral Garland Style Hair BandImage 1 of Her Curious Nature Floral VeilImage 1 of ASOS Flower and Petal Stretch HeadbandImage 1 of River Island Rose Garland HeadbandImage 1 of ASOS Flower Hessian HeadbandImage 1 of ASOS Sunflower HeadbandImage 1 of Her Curious Nature Deep Velvet Flower Ribbon
all picture from asos.
by the way, asos is having 29% off some of their items for leap year! click here, this will take you to the special page where certain items are 20% off now.  then at the check out if you type in LEAPYEAHUSA you will get an additional 10% off selected items! so really it's 30% off, but they are saying 29% since its leap year :) hurry, this offer ends friday at midnight!! and they have free shipping! :)

also, does anyone watch american idol? it's one of my favorite shows, its like a family thing in my house, every night american idol is on, we all sit down and watch! that and hawaii 5-0, while we listen to my dad tell us every location they arrive to the entire time {if i haven't already told you, i'm hawaiian, my dad was born and raised, and my mom moved there when she was 16! so whenever we watch it, we can tell he misses his home and rambles on about hawaii the whole time haha} but thats getting quite off topic. 

last night on american idol elise testone  had these gorgeous, fresh flowers in her hair, and when ryan asked her about them, she said  that she always saves the flowers from room service, and so she put them in her hair!! haha how cool is that, i really love her voice, as well as her personality, she just seems very genuine and unique! and when i heard about the flowers i just loved her  even more hahaa :) 
photo found here.
and i just wanted to share a few more flower headbands from my tumblr that i love!



This is a start of photo project called “Crown”


K. Riley (by Parker Fitzgerald)


  1. I love putting flowers in my hair! :)


  2. I really love these too, and the last couple of photos are beautiful.. makes me want to put flowers in my hair and run through a field! <3 xx

  3. Very inspiring. We love this new trend!
    Hope to hear from you soon! xx

  4. These are great!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I REALLY appreciate it :]. I'm blogging for a couple of months now and i hope you like it haha ^^ Your blog is really nice too! I'm kind of in love with your background ^^, you know Monki? It reminds my of that... don't know why..

    You can make that 'click to see more'-thingy with the 'torn in half paper'-button at the top of the page ;] Hope you understand, my English is not the best. If you've any other questions you can always ask me!


    1. aw your so sweet, and i really enjoyed your blog as well!! and thank you soooo much, i've been wondering how to do that for forever so thank you thank you!! :)


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