feelin thrifty? yes.

i went to dechos, a local vintage/resale store last week and 3 great dresses i wanted to share!! this first one is really neat, not sure if you can tell from the pictures but theres two layers, the top one is almost like a cape or something over the under layer haha. okay not a cape buuut...drape? i don't know but the layers are connected on the sides and go into just one layer in the back. am i making any sense? i'm kind of just typing away right now because i'm on spring break! soo...my brain is kind of turned off haa so sorry if this post is cah-razy all over tha placee :)

okay so any who i got this awesome dress, i really loved the floral pattern and the top and bottom layer are two different shades, and it laces up on the front and back which i thought was so cool! for some reason i'm picturing like someone on the mayflower rocking this little number...but i mean that's just me..

but when i bought this dress i had the intention of cutting it shorter due to my lack of long legs. it hit at a really awkward length, so i though it'd be adorable shorter! sooo...scroll down to see how it turned out! :)
annnd here we are..
so i hacked about a foot and a half off the bottom, trimmed the sleeves a little shorter, cut the neck a wee bit because it was awkwardly high, took the lace out of the front and belted it. what do ya think?
ya likey?


  1. Wow you did an amazing job! See, this is what I love about thrifting. You buy a garment, then you take it home and make it your own. I'm short too, so I end up having to cut a lot of my clothes too. Great job!


  2. it looks really great! I love how it laces in the back!
    you did a great job altering it, you didn't ruin it one bit :)


  3. Great find and I love what you did with the dress. Just beautiful.

  4. Amazing work koko. The dress fits you beautifully like a glove. Love it



  5. oh i love this! the back is really beautiful

  6. Cute top! check out my blog!

  7. i <3 how u styled that thrift find! you are so cute!

    please check out my blog too!


  8. beautiful dress! (:



  9. LOVE THIS. Like in an obsessive way. Can't believe this is from a thrift store. You have an eye for potential!

    found the route

    1. aw well you are so sweet!!! that made my day thank you! :)

  10. oh my gosh! you are adorable!! i love the dress and how you wore it, so effortless and cute!



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