new loves to the wardrobe.

here's some of the items i've recently added to my already overflowing closet.  i've been meaning to post pictures for quite a while of my new stuff and kept forgetting so here they are! 
i got this silk tunic from a resale shop for $5.  it's from the same shop i got the purses from a few posts ago here.  it's actually an XL, so it's at that awkward length where it's too long as a shirt, but too short for a dress..so i decided it will look cute with leggings, or even skinny jeans, or with a skirt or slip under it, making it look like a dress if you get what i'm saying...we'll see! i'll post pictures when i wear it! :)
this is from Old Navy for $10.  the picture does not do it justice, it's a really cute shirt, kind of a thicker material.  i really love the color, it's more corally than you can see here, and i've had a thing for stripes recently..
i love this top, it's from Old Navy as well for $8.  it's kind of a terri cloth material, if you can tell from the sleeve.  and it's one of those cropped tops that are popular now, which i'm not a huge fan of but i loved this one the moment i spotted it, i think i'l wear it with some high waisted shorts or something.  do you remember my post a few weeks ago on my style inspiration from Footloose? well there was this sweatshirt-like shirt that Ariel wore that i loved and wanted to make, and this shirt reminds me of it! and again i love the color. it's more of a corally color as well.  coral is clearly on my color pallet for the spring :)
thought this top was kind of neat, i like the look, the flag looks almost painted on.  it's a bigger size, but i like it baggy, and then its not as short too! i'm thinking it would look cool with my black leather shorts and maybe some tights and boots, and a head scarf in my hair! i don't know, might be too biker chic for me though hahaa..any ideas? i don't want to look like..super patriotic and tacky..its perfect for the forth though! oh and it's from pacsun, when they were having that 70% sale, so it was only $4.
alrighty i'm in love with this top, i'm pretty sure i drooled over it every time i walked into pacsun over the past two months and i FINALLY got it because it was going to be 70% off, so it was $7.50.  if you can't tell it's VELVET, and i love how it has these awesome clasp kinda things on the front keeping it closed.  i think its so different and i can't wait to style it with oh so much! lovelovelove :)
more coral :) got this from pacsun for $6.  i love the ruffly look with the lace, very girly :)
just a cool tank from pacsun for only $3!
and this incredible skirt. i've been wanting something like this for a while, i think it's so different and i love lace.  but now that i have it i can't decide how to style it..any ideas? please help, send me a link to a picture or something of you in something similar or any one else, i'd love some input because i want to wear it like every day, but then i put it on and can't decide what to pair it with! and it was only $9.
these are my favorite shoes i have ever bought, i LOVE them so much.  the first time i saw them in Old Navy i about died and wanted them terribly, but they were almost $40 and i could afford to spend the much on them, so i waited. and waited. and waited. and finally got them last weekend, and i'm pretty sure i've worn them every day since.  okay not every day, but just about :) 
so here's how the deal went down. over the past like...2 months, Old Navy has had this deal where if you spend $20, you get a coupon for $10 back to spend between a specific later date.  i had been a few times and was able to get some of those wonderful coupons, i had $50 free dollars to be specific, but i gave $10 of that to my lovely mother so i had to spend $80, but i got $40 off! so i waited until the time i could use my "extra bucks" to buy the shoes. so during this time, they were on sale for $30, but i had all these coupons, so i basically got them for $15! crazyyyy you dont even know how excited i was.  :):):)
sorry did that make any sense? i'm a bit of a rambler when it comes to clothes, and the crazy deals i got..
and lastly i got these boot/heels from old navy as well.  i had the coupons that i was talking about above, and i had to spend about $5 more, so my mom and i searched around the store for something to get, but were not very successful.  then i saw a shelf with a bunch of shoes on sale, and spotted these.  they were the only ones and they were just my size! so i  slid my foot in and they fit perfectly and i bent down and looked at the tag and they were on clearance for $10!!! i've been wanting some black boots with a heel so i was quite ecstatic. although they aren't the most comfortable to wear for a long period of time haha..

alrighty well thanks, i hope you like my new stuff, if you have any ideas on how to style anything i would LOVE your input! :) 


  1. omg i love your purchases! especially that american flag top and the triangle top <3 you are sooo sweet - thank you so much for your kind words. i love your blog!!!

  2. Koko I ADORE all your shopping posts so much, is Pacsun still doing that sale right now or did it end? D: I'm going to the mall tomorrow and I really hope they still have that amazing sale because my closet feels empty xD


  3. I love the new stuff you got here, specially that shirt with the american flag ! I think it can be perfect with a short and some rocking boots ! Anyway just discovered your blog and I love it ! Followed you hope you follow me back if you like mine ! xx



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