picturemania: road trippin to charleston.

hi there! i apologize for my lack of posts lately, i  have been so very busy lately. last weekend my mom and i went on a little bit of a road trip to charleston, south carolina to visit my moms best friend and daughter (who is one day younger than me).  i LOVE that place, it's such an inspiring and creative city with so much character! i was snapping pictures probably 95% of the time, there was just so much to look at and so many beautiful buildings, shops, and moments i just had to capture. so just a warning, this is definitely a picture post.  it was so hard to choose what pictures to post because the city has so many wonderful, unique things to capture...
the first night, we went to downtown charleston.  we ate a delicious meal at a local place, then spent the night window shopping through the streets of charleston under the light of the streetlights and glowing moon.  

one of the shops had this incredible jewelry tree, with all these amazing handmade necklaces hanging on the branches. i think it's such a neat and creative way to display them! i got the silver one below that looks like a tree!
it's kind of dark but if you cant tell, this is a two story URBAN OUTFITTERS! i just about died when i saw it.
hayes and i :)
such a funky shaped shop!
a lot of the shops had brick walls on the inside, which i love. i think it gives the shops such personality and a rustic feel.
i adore this bag, it's so cute!
and those are just my pictures from the first night! my mom and i went back to charleston on saturday afternoon for some shopping, and i took a zillion more pictures! i'll post those tomorrow, i think this is enough pictures to post for one afternoon. no need to overwhelm anyone with too many pictures! :) 


  1. Thank you for popping by my blog and saying hi :)
    looks like you had a wonderful trip! Those candy apples look delicious!!! I wish they sold them year round up here. and that satchel bag is AWESOME! what store is that at?

    1. yes they look quite delicious! and the bag is from a shop called hampden clothing...not sure if its a local shop or not but isn't that bag awesome i lovee it! :)

  2. Amazing photos koko. I love the desolated street lamp so beautiful. The masks are from Indonesia, the one you are holding is from Bali. I'm surprise they import these mask all the way there :)



    1. aw thanks you! and you really i didn't know that, thats so cool!!

  3. Love your rings! Very original!


  4. great photos, I love the scrabble rings! and that two story huge UO is soo pretty!


    1. aw thanks :) and i know isn't it gorgeous, i could've lived in that store haha

  5. great pictures! love those necklaces.



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