special days+YUM: happy heart day!

yesterday evening, allie, her cousin, mrs. jakes, and i had a delightful girls night which included a chick flick (which turned out to be quite a boring film), popcorn and dark chocolate m&ms :), music, valentines day cookies, delicious frosting, and an assortment of sprinkles! which of course means COOKIE DECORATING :) we always decorate cookies for each holiday, valentines is one of my favorites because the cookies can be so cute and girly with polka-dots, stripes, ruffles, swirls and lots of lovely designs! we used a new frosting recipe this time, which turned out incredible, and the cookies look quite adorable if i do say so myself! 
hope you all have a wonderful valentines day, full of smiles, laughter, joy and love!


  1. These cookies look phenomenal! Seriously! I can't believe you frosted them. Please open a bakery :) You definitely need to share the recipe!

    Also, thank you so much for your comments on my blog. You are the absolute sweetest and made my day :) Glad we've run into each other in the blogging world!

    1. aw you are so sweet!! hahaa really allie and her mom need to open a bakery...i'm not the best baker i just like to decorate! but yes i will put up the recipe so you guys can make it!!! :)


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