the daily garb: springtime flowers.

alright so i finally have a new outfit post!  i said in the last post that i haven't had time to do any, which is completely true, but i'm also quite frankly afraid to be outside of my house for more than thirty seconds with the fear of being attacked by fleas. yes, i said fleas.  for some reason we have had a flea party in our yard for a couple weeks now and it is not a party you want attend, those things bite like crazy.  any who, i finally grabbed my camera and tripod yesterday and quickly ran through the yard so i could snap some shots of my spring attire of the day!
not exactly sure what's going on with my hair here hahaa
this top if free people, i got it from a local resale shop for only $5.
the vest is also from a local resale shop (a different one) for $5, its DKNY.
my shorts are from american eagle, and sandals from target.
my hair has strands of teal-ish in it, but the coloring of the picture makes it look a little different, but its teal!
and look i finally painted my nails, i got this mint green color last summer, and it's the only color i've worn on my nails since, i lovee it! i decided to sparkle them up a little by painting one nail with gold glitter nail polish! :) you should try it sometime, it adds a little spunk.
and my butterfly ring is from an antique store in upstate NY.


  1. i really like your nails! and your sandals :) so cute

    ugh.. fleas. i don't like thinking about them!

  2. great blog I really love it! love your accessories, and the place you photographed at is so gorgeous. pretty flower picture too!

    The House of Shoes

  3. Hi girlie. I just stumbled across your blog. It`s great. Love the outfit too.
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  4. how pretty! Lovely pictures, I like your relaxed boho chic outfit. The floral details on your top is beautiful.


  5. I loved the nails :)


  6. cute outfit - i love the vest! :)


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