c'est la vie: yo.

hello all, i am so sorry i haven't been posting lately, school has been insanely busy and i haven't had anytime for anything so i am so sorry i'm the worst.  unfortunately this is not really an exciting post, i'm at my brothers baseball game right now and working on hw :/ no fun but i got a comment from someone saying they loved my blog but wished i posted more and ahh i feel so bad, i have just had no time! i have some many incredible DIYs i have been dying to make and lots of outfit posts i would love to share, i have just had very little time to let my creative juices flowing to make something, and it's killin me man.

all that to say, there is an abundance of wonderfulness to come, hang in there with me and i will upload away once my darn crazy life stops getting in the way :) haha but thanks for reading and for all the sweet comments, i'm also sorry i haven't been able to write back to you guys but i will!!!! you guys are awesomee thanks for reading my blog it makes me so happy :) 

oh and by the way, what do you think of my new heading thing?? and i have a new about me page as well so check it out if you please!

and to end we went to the beach a couple weeks ago and it was the first time i brought my new camera to the beach, and oh my did i get some incredible pictures, the lighting was perfect and ahh it was just wonderful! so here's a few shots i was able to get of little lina (my sister) :) hope you likeyy.
this last one i was just messing around on photoshop and thought it was kinda cool!


  1. Love the photography - hoping to get an SLR camera soon and learn to shoot properly! Hope the busyness is not too stressful!


    1. aw thank you!! and you totally should, i love mine soo much!

  2. Amazing photos!!! Photoshop can be hours and hours of fun!!



    1. oh my i know hahaha i've spent so much time on their messing around i loveee it!

  3. SUCH adorable photos...your sister is too cute and already so seemingly free-spirited :)

    xoxo Ally


thanks for your thoughts, i love hearing from all of you! i honestly get excited to read each and every comment, so really, thank you :)