the daily garb: denim&floral is spring.

i love buttons, any kind of bottoms, big. small. round. square. metal. wood. anything.  i have a couple big jars in my room full of bottons, and i just love them.  so when i saw this skirt on the $5 rack at a local resale shop, i just had to get it!  i have been wanting a button up skirt for a while, so i was so excited, i think it's such a cute piece to add to my ever growing wardrobe.
top-ann taylor loft
new glasses!
i found this floral clutch at target the other day and thought i was a gorgeous and perfect spring accessory! and excuse my unpainted nail, you may remember from a previous post that i had painted glitter on that nail but it started chipping off and i haven't had a chance to repaint it haha. 
the ivory ring is from h&m and the green one is f21.
here's a little preview for whats to come, DIY BRACELETS! :) they are the leather bolt bracelet and chain link bracelet! we made them at allie's birthday party about a month ago and they are perfect stacking bracelets so i will be sharing how to make them soon!


  1. I love the bracelets :) I'm waiting for your DIY!


  2. Beautiful and very inspiring posts on your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  3. cute outfit. I like your pretty clutch...lovely vintage style. Nice necklace too. The DIY bracelets looks fabulous...very edgy.


  4. The clutch is beautiful koko. It's a steal !


    Good luck on your studies

  5. Such a cute skirt and I love that clutch so much!


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