special days+devoz: easter timee.

this is one of my all-time favorite songs, it's so incredible, and when i found this cover by adam young from owl city about a year ago i almost cried, he has such an amazing voice and his cover of this is so beautiful, please you must listen to it!  i loved it so much, i went and sat down at the piano immediately after and learned it by ear!
and just listen to the lyrics, i have the tendency to just listen to the music and not the lyrics, but with this song the lyrics are so amazing, sharing the love of our savior :)  

the most important thing jesus wants us to remember this time of year is not how he rose, but how he died.  his painful, sacrificial, gracious, holy death. the reason he had to suffer through such a terrible death is because our sin is that terrible, and he has paid for every single sinful thought and action by suffering on the cross for us.  so be thankful on this day for such a holy, forgiving and gracious God.  

happy easter loverlys, i hope you all have a splendid day, full of joy because jesus has risen and is with us always! :):):)


  1. This is the greatest blog evaaaa! I want to be just pike you, you are an inspiration to the world! I just love you koko

    1. aw thank you so much, that made my day!! you are too sweet, thanks so much for checking out my blog! :):)

  2. This song had been one of my favourites for a while! So incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! And so true!!


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