the daily garb: vintage easter.

yesterday afternoon i went around town with my mom trying to find her an easter dress, not really expecting to get one for myself because i have zillion dresses in my closet and already had 3 possible options picked out that i could wear.  well of course i started to realize...no i need an easter dress, the ones at home will not do (although of course any of them would have been just fine and dandy.) so i convinced my mom to go into a local vintage shop, dechoes with me (which i've talked about before).  i walked around gazing at all the beautiful pieces.  i tried a few on but none of them were right for this special occasion.  we were getting ready to prance out the door when my eye caught this little number on a mannequin near the front.  i looked at it for a minute and thought...that's an easter dress right there.  i looked at the tag. $10.99. yup. that's my easter dress. i took it off the mannequin right away, leaving it bare :/ (i probably wasn't supposed to do that) and tried it on.  right when i slipped it on and zipped it up i knew it was the perfect dress. and indeed i bought it and wore it today feeling rather prim and proper in my vintage beauty :) 

it's funny how we get so caught up in stuff.  i could have gone to church today in jeans and a tee (although i would never baha) and jesus would love me just the same :) that's what he's all about, taking us just as we are, he doesn't care if we are a mess, that's why he sacrificed his life on the cross for us and we are celebrating that he has risen on this wonderful and perfect day! hope you've had a bright and joyful easter!! :)


  1. this dress is AMAZING! what a great dress to wear on a day like today!
    i love it.

  2. What a wonderful dress koko. The prints are amazing. What a steal. Love how you write about your little adventure. You look beautiful like always, love your smile. Happy Easter dear



    1. oh thanks so much nuke, you are too sweet!!

  3. Beautifully bright dress and beautiful post!

  4. very pretty dress!
    happy easter :)

  5. Aw that dress is so pretty! Perfect for easter *-*
    That definitely reminds me that I have to go vintage shopping soon too :D
    anyway I wanted to stop by to say thank you for your lovely comment!


  6. lovely dress :D

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  7. You look so pretty!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, would you like to follow each other?

  8. I recently stumbled across your blog and I love it so much! I love the layout to the content of your posts and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable, you look so beautiful in this post, and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

    1. oh you are so sweet you just made my day thank youu!! and yes i will definitely check out your blog! :)

  9. So perfect! And I love your hair too with it, really compliments each other :)


  10. What a great dress! Love the colours and you look great in it

  11. Gosh girl! You look amazing! This dress is absolutely fabulous! I love, love everything about it: shape, colours, pattern!





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