the daily garb: the brights.

i was feeling some neon today, clearly. i got these awesome sandals from gap last spring, they are great when you want to add a pop off bright to an outfit, although i didn't really need it with those pink shorts from old navy.  the tops from old navy as well and it's probably my new favorite top. it's denim and ties, what's not to love? and all the jewels are from american eagle except for the big bracelet. american eagle might just be my new favorite place to find jewelry. they have the coolest pieces at a pretty affordable price, AND the quality is great!
here are some of my favorite pieces from american eagle right now...
AEO Floral Cutout Leather Cuff - Buy One Get One 50% OffAEO Bow Ring - Buy One Get One 50% OffAEO Filigree Ring - Buy One Get One 50% OffAEO Layered Chain Necklace - Buy One Get One 50% OffAEO Twisted Chevron Leather Bracelet - Buy One Get One 50% Off


  1. cute summer look and great favve pieces! i'm still lookin for ur new header.. didn't u try it? :-( x

  2. this is so cute! thanks for commenting back- yea- I actually was looking for studs- I found some from ebay I ended up buying from china- but I have to wait 2 1/2 wks! where do you buy yours? my local craft stores don't sell them, to my dismay! ah.

    Oh! you have lookbook too? we should follow each other there! :D

    God bless always

  3. Love this outfit! I'm trying to branch out and add some color to my wardrobe, but neutrals have my heart. I do love the neutral + neon trend. Funny thing, I just bought that shirt from Old Navy last night! There was a small nick in the fabric so I got it 50%! I was stoked.

    I love seeing that you love Jesus, and it is so encouraging as a blogger to see other bloggers that love him!
    Thank you so much for the encouraging comments:)

    <3 Courtney

    P.S. I'd love to be blogging buddies...I would like to ask how you found my blog? Its so awesome you did!


thanks for your thoughts, i love hearing from all of you! i honestly get excited to read each and every comment, so really, thank you :)