picturemania+thankfuls: daytona BEACH.

so this is what i was up to in daytona...{and i added my thankfuls in here again}
this is my big brother chad kapono with his fishy!

i know you cant really see her, but this is the wonderful elizabeth, chad's girlfriend!

i thought this was cute with elizabeth in the reflection of chad's sunglasses :)

woo so that's all of them, sorry i hope that wasn't too terribly many pictures! there were just so many beautiful things i couldn't narrow it down any farther! 


  1. i love your photos.
    the sea creatures are GREAT!!! that second last photo... what the heck is that? i love the colors of it.

    1. hahaaa its like a manawore or something...some kinda jellyfish..crazy right!!

  2. Hi there! New follower :)
    I really love these photos... looks like a great time! Wish I were near the beach. Also- the reflection in his glasses photo is so great! Have a great week!

  3. love the photo of the bird flying! these are gorgeous. xo!

  4. wow, these shots are amazing! looks like u had a pretty good time there x


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