devoz+thankfuls: seeking.

Seek my face at the beginning of your day.  This practice enables you to "put Me on" and "wear Me" throughout the day.  Most people put on clothes soon after arising from bed.  Similarly, the sooner you "put Me on" by communicating with Me, the better prepared you are for whatever comes your way. 

To "wear Me" is essentially to have My mind: to think My thought.  Ask the Holy Spirit to control your thinking: be transformed by this renewal within you.  Thus you are well equipped to face whatever people and situations I bring your way.  Clothing your mind in Me is your best preparation for each day.  This discipline brings Joy and Peace to you and those around you.  

     Psalm 27:8; Romans 13:14, Colossians 3:12

i read this passage from my devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, last night and i really liked it.  i tend to do my quiet time with Jesus at night before bed because thats when i think to do it, but i love the idea of clothing myself with Christ every morning, really before i even get out of bed, so that i am thinking of Him throughout the day and focusing all my thoughts on Him and what He would like me to do!

so this week i am going to work on having my quiet time in the mornings, and i'd love to encourage you to do this with me and see how it works out for you! :):) i think what i am going to try to do this week is post my devotional a few mornings so when you come to my blog you will read it, hopefully at the start of your day, and it will remind you to spend some quiet time with the one who loves you most, and think of Him throughout the day :) and if i like it and you guys like it then maybe it will be a lovely new addition to fashion birthmark!

and today i am thankful for this gorgeous sunset, i just loved how the bright colors were shining onto the water, turning a plain old lake into something beautiful!  i actually took this picture about a week ago, but i thought it would be nice for this mornings post...even though it's a sunset and not a sunrise, but let's just pretend it's a sunrise for the sake of this post haha, okay? good :)  

hopefully someday i'll gather up the motivation to wake up at the crack of dawn and go to the lake down the road and actually watch the sunrise, i would absolutely love to! and of course it sounds like a good idea...until the alarm goes off in the morning and all you want to do is snuggle back down under the warm covers and close your sleepy eyes until noon :) but i am sure that day will some soon and when it happens, you will be sure to know of it because my little buddy {canon} will be sure to tag along so i can capture the beautiful sky God created for our eyes to enjoy, and i'm sure i will be bragging and sharing the photos!

alright well that's enough writing for one post, i'm sure half of you just looked at the picture and kept scrolling down, but those of you who read this far, thank you :) it makes me quite happy that anyone would read what i have to say in the first place, so the fact that you kept reading through my long rant about the sunrise makes me smile inside! okay BYE :)


  1. Thanks for your comment ! :)

  2. i really love this sunset, great photo :P

    nice to meet your blog!


  3. I love that passage.. I have a hard time waking up earlier in the morning and remembering to spend that time with Him and to 'clothe' myself with Him... but it is SO worth it when I do!! I will be trying to do this as well. Would love for you to post the devo for that day on here as well, I love that kind of stuff!!
    Again, love your blog :) and wow! that picture would be amazing to wake up to in the mornings!

  4. beautiful photo! xx



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